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Transe,  Esdras Nogueira and group plays Transa from Caetano Veloso

You Don’t Know Me  , composed by Caetano Veloso

Transe | Esdras Nogueira e grupo tocam o Transa 


Esdras Nogueira is a saxophone player, musical producer, and cook, with four solo albums released.

Transe | Esdras Nogueira e Grupo tocam Transa, an instrumental version of the iconic 1972 Caetano Veloso album, Transa and will tour with the new release. The bold arrangements are reminiscent of the freedom sought by the original album with a mixture of references and alluring grooves.(2019)  

He also released a few more albuns  in the past years, Esdras Nogueira Quinteto Ao Vivo (2017), NaBarriguda (2016), and Capivara (2014); In 2017, the Esdras Nogueira Quintet toured Brazil extensively. From the tour came his third album, a live one entitled Esdras Nogueira Quinteto ao vivo. Listen to it here.

In recent years, Esdras Nogueira has established himself as one of the great names in Brazilian instrumental music. His solo career values instrumental music that is very much Brazilian, with influences from carimbó, jazz, salsa, samba, and afrobeat.

Brazil knows the musician because of Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, the ska- influenced band that announced a break for an undetermined amount of time in 2016 and that made history in Brazilian stages during 18 years.

His solo career began with the release of Capivara in 2014. The debut album was a tribute to the master Hermeto Pascoal, where Esdras dared to interpret the master’s compositions and was complimented for it. “I listened to it, it’s great. I was happy with his interpretation of the music. The songs are different but without losing their essence. Esdras is off to a great start and will go far”, said Hermeto Pascoal himself, after listening to the release. Listen to it here.

NaBarriguda came in 2016 and is filled with music you can dance to, giving continuity to a theme that began with the first album.
It contains compositions by Esdras and interpretations on songs by Hamilton de Holanda, Egberto Gismonti, and Cartola. Listen to it here.

In 2008 he took part of the first international tour with Móveis Coloniais de Acaju in Europe, which passed through Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Switzerland, in small and large festivals, including Pukkelpop in Hasselt in Belgium. With Móveis he also played in Niceto Club in Buenos Aires, and participated in the Primavera Sound business fair in Barcelona, in addition to three performances at the Festival.

In 2013 he traveled with Sistema Criolina for a 6 performance tour in Australia.

In 2015 he was invited as the only Brazilian representative for a solo performance on the saxophone, in Dacka, capital of Bangladesh for two performances, one at the Dacka Jazz and Blues Festival and another at the official Brazilian residence.

In 2017,18 and 19 he participated in the last edition of Jazzahead, and in 2013 was a speaker at Campus Party Brasil and at Social Media Week ion São Paulo, talking about technology cases applied to the music and work of a band. He works very actively in the local and national music scene, as an artist and as a producer. Now he also intends to expand his work outside of Brazil in a more active way.

As a producer and curator, from 2003 to 2012 Esdras produced the Móveis Convida Festival, which included performances by bands such as Pato Fu, Los Hermanos, and Teatro Mágico. He also produced the Festa do Samba in 2007, where he also played, with performances by Diogo Nogueira, Pedro Luís, and Wilson das Neves. Currently, Esdras produces the event Coma no Jardin, which unites music, food, and creative use of public space and takes place during the dry season in Brasilia.

The Festival “Music is not Noise, Music Transforms” will begin in 2018 with instrumental music in venues spread throughout Brasilia. The festival also includes debates on the music business and performances in schools and hospitals that work with music as a tool for transformation.

In the food world he is co-creator, along with his wife, Mariana Cardoso, of Coma Lá em Casa, a food blog where they publish recipes and write about food- related topics in addition to hosting a supper club. http://comalaemcasa.com.br/

The Esdras Nogueira Quartet is: Esdras Nogueira (baritone saxophone), Marcus Moraes (guitar), Rodrigo Balduino (bass), Thiago Cunha (drums).

CONTACT FOR PERFORMANCES: esdras.nogueira@gmail.com





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